Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea

Tulsi is our adaptogenic tea of choice for Javazen Pumpkin Spice.

What is Tulsi Tea?

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a delicious and nutritious aromatic herb that grows from green or purple leaves on shrubs. For thousands of years, tulsi has been widely cultivated and consumed throughout Southeastern Asia, specifically in India. Interestingly, most Asian Hindus revere Tulsi as a deity for its special healing and spiritual powers. For that reason, many people have picked up the practice of drinking tulsi for its health benefits. Here, at Javazen, we believe tulsi’s delicious taste and healthy source of nutrients contributes to our motto of maintaining a balanced energy and living zen-fully.

Health benefits of Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb that maintains and supports the body's immune system and suppresses symptoms of stress and anxiety. They have been known to maintain balance in a person’s physical, emotional and mental functions, as well as support overall bodily wellness. In addition, tulsi has a high antioxidant content which contributes to its potential for increased energy and reduced crash.

What does Tulsi taste like?

Tulsi Tea is a soft, floral herb often described as being mildly minty and sweet. It is commonly used in both iced and warm teas as well as various herbal foods. Tulsi is one of our very favorite superfood ingredients and it contributes tremendously to our brand new blend, Javazen Pumpkin Spice.

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