Compared to plain coffee, which often gives you the jitters, matcha helps to balance your energy and put you in that zen, focused and relaxed state. This is due to amino acids like L-theanine. More importantly, matcha will help you will awaken your full potential without crashing later in the afternoon.

Matcha is widely grown throughout Japan. It is simply green tea leaves grounded up millions of times into a fine, green powder. The color looks like wasabi, except brighter. However, what’s so unique about matcha is that unlike ordinary green tea where part of the leaves are discarded, the matcha is a ground up powder that contains the whole leaf which maximizes its nutrients and flavor.

Our matcha is shaded from the sun to develop a pure flavor, pigment, and the texture of the powder.

Fun fact: Did you know that one cup of Matcha has more antioxidants than a dozen cups of green tea?

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