Day 8 Recap

One week down! It feels like an incredible milestone, and we are so excited that we still have three more weeks to go.

Today we spent the day sampling Javazen once again at two different Wegmans locations - Ryan at Alberta and Matt and me at Sheridan. We're happy to announce that we sold out every bag in each store! That makes two days, and four stores in a row, of hustling until the end. 

We all felt extremely fulfilled knowing that we had done all that we could and didn't give up or take an easy way out by leaving the last bag or two. 

We had an awesome time with the entire staff, both getting to know lots of team members from all different departments and sharing our creation with them. It's always very important that we are able to share the vision with the Wegman's colleagues as they will typically be our champions when we're not around. 

We hope that you're enjoying hearing about our journey! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments below!

The Javazen Road Crew, 
EJ, Matt, and Ryan

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