Day 2 Recap

Day 2 Recap

Tuesday started with a bang! No, literally - we stayed outside of Baltimore directly in the path of roiling summer thunderstorm that poured rain down and shook the RV. By the morning, however, the sun was shining again, and it was a beautiful, albeit humid day.
We started off with a healthy breakfast consisting of B’more Banana Smoothie mixed with Vanilla Amazing Grass superfood and Michele’s Granola. With the nutrients packed into our bodies, we made the final preparations and embarked on our journey once more.
To keep ourselves during the countless hours of driving, we decided to listen to podcasts so that we can download useful knowledge and advice and make use of the typically wasted drive time. First, we began with one of Tim Robins’ recent interviews with world-champion triathlete Siri Lindley and then we began to Tim Ferriss’ award-winning interview with Jamie Foxx. Both were supremely insightful and are highly recommended by us.
Today’s stop was the Wegmans in Frederick, Maryland. We arrived just as another summer storm was rolling through. Regardless of the weather myself, Matt, and Ryan were ready to crush. (Powered of course by a few pouches of Fruigees and Wild! Kombucha!)
wegmans frederick
One of the best parts about having a three people on tour gives us the opportunity to switch out and take breaks during our demos. This prevents fatigue and keeps us all fresh and the enthusiasm high. It also affords us the chance to take care of any work we need to accomplish for the day.
The tour has also lead to some wonderfully serendipitous moments. As Ryan was heading to switch out he noticed they were stocking the Michele’s Granola endcap.
Being the helpful and friendly guy he is, he got down on his hands and knees and helped them stock the whole thing.
This tour isn’t just about meeting new customers, but equally, it’s about building connections with the team members who will be interacting with our product on a daily basis. It’s incredibly important to us that we leave the staff with an understanding of our story, who we are as people, and if we have the opportunity, a first-hand experience with brewed Javazen.sampling
With this said, customers are the lifeblood of our venture, and we love every meaningful interacting. We met Daniel and Nicole who were visiting from Long Island. Nicole is pregnant and is one strict orders to limit her caffeine intake. Fortunately, we were able to offer her a sample of our low-caf, rooibos-goji Relax blend which she enjoyed. Danny is a former Marine who was able to educate us about a few Veteran-owned coffee roasters that he supports. When I asked if they wanted to be a part of the blog, I knew immediately from their excited reaction that I had made a good choice.
dan and nicole
I'm sorry that this post came a little late, look out for our Day 3 Recap this evening
(Wednesday, August 17)
Until next time!
The Javazen Road Crew
-EJ, Matt & Ryan
P. S. We are being sponsored by the brands that we link to. However, we receive no financial compensation from the links included. We sought them out because we truly love their products and company missions.

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